Friday, September 4, 2009

Michigan Football - Predictions

Okay, so in a scientific survey of the nominal contributors to this blog (all Michigan grads), here are the predictions for the 2009 Michigan football season

Assman - 9-3
Catman - 7-5
Candyman - 8-4
Brandman - 8-4
Brakeman - 7-5
Taxman - 6-6
Lawman - 8-4

The average works out to 7.5 wins. On the high end you'll find me, the Assman. I am admittedly a shameless homer and optimist (a cockeyed optimist, like Billy Mumphrey), and I actually had to rein myself in to keep from predicting 12-0. On the low end is Taxman, who is a pessimistic dickhead whose joy for life and former Michigan homerism has been crushed by the demands of his chosen career of "CPA," whatever that is, and the mind-numbing task of following the Detroit Lions. The rest of us are somewhere in the middle. At the end of the year, prizes (in the form of bragging rights, blumpkins, and generous helpings of sycophantic praise) will be awarded to the one who is the "least wrong" of all of us. We certainly don't agree on everything, but of course I think we can all agree on the following sentiment:

Go Blue!