Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Ohio State Week

How anti-climactic. Both osu and Michigan come into their game off a loss. The last time that's happened? Anyone? I can't find it, but I would wager that it's been a long time. Anyway, the M defense was swiss cheese against the Badgers on Saturday. While it would be great if Henne and Hart can play against the buckeyes, they can't play defense. Let's reflect on the Wisco game before we get too far into osu talk:

  • Mario Manningham is a great wide receiver. However, he also seems to have become afflicted with a common ailment among talented players at his position. It's called I'm-Always-Open syndrome. He was acting like a whiny little bitch whenever Mallett would not get him the ball. Get over yourself Mario. It's a team game, and you're trying to intimidate a freshman QB? Enjoy being the next non-Braylon Michigan WR to flop in the NFL.

  • If Wisco's mediocre running attack can gash the Blue D for 232 yards rushing, I shudder to think what osu and Wells might do to us.

  • I did not agree with the second Crable personal foul call. The QB was leaning back when he pitched the ball, and he head level dropped right before the hit. I get the feeling that the referees were on the lookout for Crable from the start. Anyway, the penalties on that drive were a killer.

  • Mallett made some nice throws, but he definitely looks like a freshman out there. It really makes me appreciate what Henne did as a freshman. I don't recall him ever being that flustered as a frosh.

That's all I can muster for now. It's early in the week, but my confidence level is not high for the osu game. However, that could change if we hear that Henne and Hart are playing. Let's get Zieg in here this week.

Photo courtesy of BrakeMan.



Brakeman said...

The awesome photo ("I say damn girl") came from a web site linked by google ads from our blog. After only two posts Google has apparently determined that our readers will appreciate offensive T-Shirts. Kind of scary that they have us figured out already....

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Well I hope they are gonna win, In anycase, I'm a super fan, so I'm gonna support my team in good and bad times. GO OHIO!

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