Monday, July 14, 2008

Ohio State ticket shenanigans

This sounds pretty crazy to me. OSU is implementing a lottery system for tickets.

Now, any dues-paying alumni association member who applies for tickets must be chosen and assigned to a game at random and may then purchase two tickets, under the lottery system announced in the spring. The process is the same whether the person has been buying Buckeyes football tickets for half a century or never tried to get them before.

I know this would not sit well with those of you with Michigan season tickets. How would you like to get stuck with two tickets to the EMU game? Or get shut out entirely, like this guy?

Still, he's luckier than David Alexander, a 20-year ticket buyer who's among 4,500 applicants -- 10 percent of the total -- shut out completely this year.

I hope this is not indicative of a possible future at Michigan Stadium. It would be a shame if the concept of seniority is totally lost.

Go Blue.


Brandman said...

This is deplorable. Inexcusable and horrendous.

I'll get on the soap box here and complain a bit:

This kind of thing happens because of people who feel entitled (I'm an OSU grad/Alum Assoc. member and I can't get season tickets!). So, in a futile attempt to make EVERYBODY happy, this kind of awful decision gets made.

How about "Sorry, but you shouldn't have stopped buying season tickets after you graduated" or "Membership in our Alumni Association by no means guarantees you football tickets."

How anyone can see this as an equitable solution to this "problem" is beyond me.


Assman said...

Who sees it as an equitable solution? The people who couldn't get tickets before this "lottery" fiasco. I think this might be a result of "the bandwagon effect" -because of OSU's recent success, more alums coming out of the woodwork whining about their lack of access to tickets. Screw them. Longtime season ticket holders should not be subjected to this - even if they are only OSU grads.