Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Houston Rockets' - 19 In a Row!

My hometown Houston Rockets won their 19th consecutive game last night. I'm only an occasional NBA fan (except during the playoffs), but I know enough basketball to know that this streak is pretty damn amazing. Some notable facts about the 19-game winning streak:

  1. Only three of the 19 games have had a final winning margin of one bucket or less.

  2. The last seven games of the streak have been without Yao Ming, who's out for the year resting for the olympics with a stress fracture in his foot.

  3. Since Yao went out, the Rockets have been winning by an average score of 106-88.
  4. Prior to the streak, the Rockets had a four game winning streak broken with a loss to the Jazz. So the Rockets have won 23 out of their last 24 games.

  5. Since they lost at Boston on Jan. 2, the Rockets are 28-3. After losing that game, the Rockets record stood at 15-17.

  6. The upcoming schedule looks interesting. They're at Atlanta on Wednesday, then home for Charlotte on Friday. That should bring the streak to 21. Then they have two consecutive tough home games against Celtics and Lakers on Sunday and Tuesday. After that, it's a three game road trip to New Orleans, Golden State, and Phoenix (the last two are on consecutive nights). I don't see the streak going past 24, but you never know.

I would love to see a Pistons vs. Rockets NBA finals, but I know it's a long season and a streak in February doesn't mean anything in June. It's been fun to see the Rockets come together, start to play defense and share the ball, and become more of a running team in Yao's absence. Dare I say it, the team has become a much more socialist team in the absence of their big fella. To each according to his needs, from each according to his means. Go Rockets.

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Brakeman said...

Gotta love those rocket girls! Houston and Dallas certainly have more than enough babes to field a very healthy team of talent. Wait, were you writing something about the basketball team? I hadn't noticed that they were also "hot" so to speak. Holy McGrady, post more photos.