Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Terrelle Pryor - D-Day

Well, it's back to football for a quick post. Terrelle Pryor is allegedly going to make his final decision on where to attend classes play football next year. It would be nice if he were to sign on with Michigan, but all experts seem to be thinking OSU. I am now more interested in his recruitment just for the possibility that he could play hoops. The Michigan basketball team could use some help. Would he even be allowed to play basketball at Michigan? He's gotta be good enough to contribute to a 10-win team. I have read some stuff on the web saying that he's a top-25 high school basketball player in addition to being the top high school football player. Beilein and Rodriguez should be sure to make a few more phone calls to Terrelle (assuming that it's legal) to make sure they have stated their case to him. He could help both the basketball and football teams immensely, and help jump start both programs after recent coaching changes. He is supposedly announcing his intentions at a noon EDT press conference. Godspeed, Terrelle.

NOTE: tOSU it is. Good luck Terrelle. Looks like Threet will be our QB next year.

Go Blue!

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