Friday, May 2, 2008

College Football News

This is a perfect example of the inexact science of recruiting:

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, who had legal and disciplinary problems throughout his college career, was kicked off the defending national championship team Friday after he failed a drug test.

When he was being recruited, mainly by Texas and LSU, he was the 2004 version of Terrelle Pryor. He was one of Les Miles' first big-time blue chippers. But he obvious had some difficulty adjusting to the college game and college lifestyle. I can't say that I hope this happens to Pryor, but if it does, we shouldn't really be too surprised. When you are the supposed "savior" of a program, there is a lot of pressure to perform to a certain level. He was in position to have a big year, quarterbacking the defending national champs. But maybe the pressure got to him. Maybe he felt like he was bigger than the program. Maybe he's just a dick and didn't get it. But the bottom line is, he's not LSU's problem anymore. I, for one, hope he gets his shit together and finds a place to play where he can relax and enjoy the college experience and not be burdened with the expectations of greatness.

ADDED: Apparently, he is kind of a dick. On signing day, he apparently claimed he would win multiple heismans before he was done at LSU. And he was in trouble with the law a lot. Perhaps LSU fans are happy to see him go.

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candyman said...

It's a flip of the coin with alot of these guys. So many potholes, pitfalls, and possible derailments. That's why the kids who do it and make it all work - school, football, college life - should be appreciated. So when Johhny Recruit comes in and runs for only 80 yards per game when he 'should' run for 150 per game, they are still doing pretty well. By the way, same thing goes for non-athletes - alot of derailment possiblilities are out there.