Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Petrino Bails on Falcons - Goes to Hog Heaven

Bobby Petrino, after just 13 games as the Atlanta Falcons head coach, has bailed to become the head coach at Arkansas. This brings up a lot of things:

  • College head coaches who become successful head coaches in the NFL are extremely rare. Most of them are hired as potential NFL saviors because they have had so much success in the college game that they MUST be qualified to run an NFL team. The body count is astounding: Spurrier, Saban, Petrino, Dan Devine, Lou Holtz, Butch Davis, Daryl Rogers, Barry Switzer, Bud Wilkinson (I count Switzer as a failure because although he won a Super Bowl, he did it with inherited players. Once he put his own stamp on the team, they were doomed). I must be missing some - these are just the ones from my lifetime. Any others?

  • There is two notable exceptions: Jimmy Johnson and Bill Walsh. Any others? Bobby Ross? Moderately successful, I guess.

  • From what I'm reading, Petrino put the "dick" in dictatorial. His coaching style was abrasive and he did not make many friends in the Falcons locker room.

  • He is quite a job-hopper. Arkansas fans had better not get too comfortable with him. Read what Pat Forde says about him on One notable quote:

    "...this is the fifth straight year Bobby Petrino has tried to get another job. Every single season he's been a head coach, he's ended it by pursuing something else."
  • Bobby Petrino makes Nick Saban look like Don Shula.

  • This is a great illustration of why Michigan needs to be careful with who they hire for their head coaching position. The last thing we need is to be doing this coaching search thing again in two years.

  • This now officially deprives me of the perverse pleasure of my yearly Hogs-Dick-Nutt jokes. The Hogs have no more Nutts, and they will eventually be losing their Dick as well. At least they get to play the Cocks every year, so that's good for a few nice puns.

  • And finally, just to keep things interesting, I bring you Tim Tebow's alleged girlfriend. There seems to be some dispute as to whether or not she is in fact his girlfriend. Either way, she is a Florida student. It looks like all the Big Ten bashers were right - the SEC is superior in many ways. Schwing....

UPDATE: That is not, in fact, the same chick that's in the infamous Tebow picture. She's a British model. I'm still leaving it up here. Regardless of her identity, um, well, what was I saying? Excuse me, I have to go do something...

UPDATE: I should also mention that I got this photo from the M Zone.


Mike said...

I'm actually glad that's not Tebow's girl.

Who is she? What did her parents feed her when she was growing up?

Assman said...

I believe it's British model Lucy Pinder. And the answer to your second question is "silicone."