Monday, December 3, 2007

Michigan Coaching Search

Mgoblog has a lot of information about the Les Miles in this post. Everyone seems to have "inside info" on what happened.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but until Miles signs a contract with LSU, or Michigan signs someone else up to be the head coach, it ain't over. There are a lot of things in this article that are a little hard to believe:
  • That LSU would threaten to fire their head coach before their conference championship game
  • That said coach would actually believe these threats and willingly acquiesce, giving up his dream of coaching at his alma mater

I'm just saying that it smells funny. I think there is still a chance that Les Miles is our head coach. Personally, I don't think I have the answer to "who would be the best head coach for Michigan?" Miles would probably be good, but so would a lot of other guys. Who woulda thought that a young assistant from Miami, OH would be the best man for the job when he was hired. I can't say I don't care who is hired, because I do. I just can't pretend to know who the best guy is. And I certainly don't believe all of the stuff that the "insiders" claim that they know.

They could hire any one of these guys and I would not be disappointed: Chris Peterson, Greg Schiano, Jim Grobe, Bob Stoops, Les Miles, Gary Pinkel, Brian Kelly, Jim Leavitt, Mark Mangino. And these are just the guys I can think of off the top of my head.

However, if they hire DeBord, I might have to stop donating money to the University. Oh wait, I already did that.

Until the process plays out, I'm not going to condemn Martin or Lloyd for screwing it up. I'm not going to pre-judge the guys before we know the final outcome. It's good to be a Michigan Wolverine (even if we get smoked by Florida).

You have to admit, it will be fun to root against OSU and for Les Miles in the NC game, even if he's not going to be our coach.

Go Blue!

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