Friday, December 28, 2007

Tigers - Restore The Roar

I know it's the offseason, but I like hearing heartwarming stuff around Christmas time. Dontrelle Willis, who has been a Tiger for less than a month, is already a favorite among fans because of this. Players don't have to do this, and Willis has no previous ties to the area, which makes this an extra special effort on his part. The Tigers have already signed him to a three-year extension, and are working on an extension for Miguel Cabrera as well.

Is sure is nice to see the Tigers being relevent again. I got so tired of "The Bobby Higginson Years," during which the Tigers never had any chance of competing with the top dogs in the AL. Randy Smith proved time after time that he was a horrible GM and had no idea what he was doing. Since he came aboard, Dave Dombrowski has consistently proven that he is one of the most savvy GMs in the game. He has made some great trades, and his drafts have produced Verlander (no-hitter in his second year), Miller and Maybin (used to acquire Willis & Cabrera), Granderson (20+ HR/3B/2B/SB last year), and Zumaya (injury prone, but powerful future closer). The best player produced from Randy Smith's last two drafts is utilityman Ryan Raburn.

It's still 2007, but I am as anxious for 2008 spring training as I can remember being in a long time. Ted, this post was for you.

Bless You Boys...

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