Monday, January 7, 2008

BCS: LSU or OSU? I'm Conflicted

Okay, I will admit I'm having a bit of a problem with deciding whom to root for in tonight's BCS championship game. One the one hand, I am tired of the constant promotion (on ESPN, all over the internet, and in the media in general) of the idea that the SEC is so vastly superior to all other conferences, and that the Big Ten is equivalent to the Sun Belt Conference. In order to stop this ceaseless drumbeat, I would love it if OSU would beat LSU tonight. In fact, in all the other bowl games, I've been rooting for Big Ten teams. Go Purdue! Go Spartans! Go Nittany Lions! So far this bowl season, the Big Ten is 3-4, and 1-1 vs. the SEC.

On the other hand, I have a hard time rooting for OSU. By "have a hard time," I really mean "I can't physically do it." Go Buckeyes? I don't know. I'm getting hives just thinking about it. Maybe I'll just watch season 3 of Arrested Development on DVD tonight. Or just stay away from the TV...


Taxman said...

even with my recently acquired disdain for the overcaffeinated Les Miles, i am rooting for LSU hard. 2 national titles in the Tressel era is not something we want to deal with as Michigan fans. We recruit a lot of the same guys and we don't need the comparisons. In fact, if OSU gets embarrassed, they will unfairly be characterized as a team that can't get it done against good teams - that unfair characterization is fine by me.

I remember in '02, for part of that nat'l title game i was rooting for OSU (in no small part, due to wagering on the money line) - they were huge 'dogs to Miami, I was not a Miami fan and i guess i was rooting for the Big 10 - it was the same story back then - Big 10 was getting disrespected nationally, etc. - then in the middle of the 3rd qtr when it looked like OSU was going to pull it off, all of the ramifications of OSU winning a nat'l title hit me like a ton of bricks. What the hell was I doing?I was disgusted with myself for having rooted for the scarlet and gray. And OSU has been on a huge roll ever since that game. Tressel's 5th BCS game in 6 years and 3 title game appearances! Wow - We need LSU to win.

I think this game is a toss-up and think that OSU has a great shot. Hopefully home field will be the difference and help Les Miles' damn strong football team prevent OSU from winning another one.

LSU 20 OSU 17

Assman said...

Well, you've got me convinced. Screw the Buckeyes. Geaux Tigers. Either way, alert the Columbus fire department. There will be couches and cars burning tonight, win or lose.

Brandman said...

Hmmm....a minor justification that the Big 10 conference is better than people think, OR, Sweater-vest getting hammered for the second year in a row in a bowl game with the BCS title on the line?

First, no one will ever win the SEC vs. Big 10 argument. Impossible to ever win, period.

Second, imagining Jim Tressel curled up in a fetal position and forever having nightmares about bowl games down south is a FANTASTIC image. And no one outside of the state that's "hi in the middle and wound on both ends" needs Tress to have another BCS ring.

Plus, if OSU loses and RR blows into Columbus in November and beats the 'vest, they'll be in panic mode in suckeye land.

Geaux Tigers!
Go Blue!!!

Candyman said...

There was never any real strife here. I cannot, will not root for OSU. Can't do it. Any other Big Ten school in that game - absolutely.