Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, my informal poll that started last week has ended. The results were more optimistic than I expected. I thought there might be a few more voting for 8 or less wins. A whopping total of 11 people cast votes and 4 people voted with me (11-12 wins), 4 people voted for 9-10 wins, and 3 people voted for 8 or less wins. So eight of the eleven who voted believe that Michigan's 2008 season will be as good or better than their 2007 season. I'm on board with that line of thinking. I'll take another poll after the golf outing to see if sentiments have changed, and to see if our recruiting class and the spring practices provide any reason for changing our minds - and to see if we can get more than 11 people to vote. Now, to employ the lazy blogger's favorite gimmick - links to other bloggers:

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