Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Super Bowl

I had a couple thoughts when I saw this photo on espn.com this morning:

  • First of all, the walking boot he's wearing on his right foot is all part of Belichick's plan. He's not hurt, but the coach is playing with the Giants' heads. You think it's a coincidence that this photo was snapped in NYC?
  • That small bouquet of flowers is the best you can do on a $8 million salary? For your supermodel girlfriend? Really? She is accustomed to flying all over the world to exotic locations for glamorous photo shoots and this little $25 bouquet is all you got? If he wants to make good use of the two weeks before the Super Bowl, he really should start it off with a little more flash and pizazz. For his sake, I'm hoping that the bag in his right hand contains some more interesting - no, make that mind-blowing - items, and that he does not leave Gisele's apartment until early next week. Contrary to popular belief, laughter is not in fact the best medicine. Sex with a supermodel is the best medicine. I think I read that somewhere.

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Brandman said...

Brady was seen later that night at one of the hottest night clubs in NYC with Gisele in tow (and no boot).

And what incentive does Gisele have to be great in bed? She could just lay there, for all we know, and just revel in her super-model-ness. At what point would Tom just say, "let's go out?" More image building can take place while seen at a hot-spot with said Supermodel than by staying in.