Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wolverine Football Poll

As you can see, I added a poll in the left hand column. I know it's early, but what better time for blind optimism? How many games to you think the Michigan Wolverine football team will win next year?

Glass half full:

  • New coach brings new attitude and swagger to stale Wolverine program
  • Gigantic QB ill-suited for spread offense has left, allowing RichRod to more quickly and completely implement his philosophy
  • Defense is returning almost all starters
  • Looks like another good recruiting year - the McGuffie (and hopefully Pryor) era begins
  • Shawn Crable, who seemingly had just as many dumb penalties and missed assignments as he had great plays, is outta here

Glass half empty:

  • Players will take time to adjust to new coaching staff
  • Five-star QB recruit from last year that showed some level of competency this season has transferred, leaving only two QBs on scholarship
  • Defense is returning almost all starters
  • Manningham and Arrington - the long and short of the passing game - are gone
  • Mike Hart is gone
  • Very good four year starting QB is gone

Which side of the fence are you on? I think OSU is due for a fall, and we are due for a bounceback. I say 11-2 is a reasonable expectation, and we go into Columbus and beat the Buckeyes - finally.


Brandman said...

OSU is VERY young and "my-daddy-wears-makeup" Laurinitis has eschewed the NFL for whatever it is they do in Columbus besides sign contracts for millions of dollars.

I think beating OSU will continue to be difficult, even for RR. And we're playing them in Columbus.

As for the rest of the conference, maybe the rest of the country is right: the Big 10 stinks.

So, I can see us winning 8-9 games, but wouldn't expect too much more.

Now if Terelle Pryor comes to Ann Arbor, watch out. 13-0!

Assman said...

I'll have another poll around August or so in order to compare the levels of optimism, and to get a feel for the new recruits. Go Blue!