Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michigan Basketball - "The Horror" has the following sub-headline to their story about the loss to Indiana last night:

No. 10 Indiana shot a blazing 46 percent from the floor to answer Manny Harris' 19 points and DeShawn Sims' 16 in a 78-64 Michigan loss in Crisler Arena.
Really? 46% is "blazing?" I would say 56% is blazing. I would say 46% is "decent." I guess "No. 10 Indiana shot a mediocre 46% from the floor..." doesn't sound as dramatic. I suppose they wanted to make it seem like Indiana had to shoot the lights out in order to beat the Wolverines. Indiana shot 30-for-66. If you look at the 14 point final score differential, and doing a quick calculation (for simplicity, I'll just assume all 2-point baskets), they could have made six fewer shots and still won. That would be 24-for-66, or 37%.

Of course, when they say "blazing," that could be a relative term, since Michigan shot 32% for the game (19-for-60), which is most assuredly not blazing. In fact, I would classify that as frigid, icy, arctic, Siberian, etc.

It's gonna be a long basketball season. The Michigan basketball team will not win as many games as the Michigan football team did this year. Guaranteed. They have 4 wins now, and there is no way they win more than three or four Big Ten games. However, I remain optimistic for the future of the progam. I think Coach Beilein can restore the program to respectability.

As for the present state of the program, we have Tommy Amaker to thank for that. Thanks Tommy. Enjoy your time in pressure-free Harvard. Those pointy-headed ivy leaguers will probably love you and your turtleneck/sportcoat look.

Go Blue!

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