Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Have A Dream

After I heard that the Michigan basketball team won its third consecutive game earlier in the week, I started to think they have turned the corner and are starting to get coach Beilein's system. Then I had a dream last night. It was very detailed and vivid. Here's what happened:

After finishing tied for 8th in the Big Ten regular season, the scrappy Wolverines pulled out a gutty first round victory over Iowa, 62-59. In the second round, Michigan faced top seeded Wisconsin, who were without star guard Michael Flowers, who was out with an a severe hangover. Michigan started quickly, led by five at the half, and were able to hold on for a 72-70 victory. The Wolverines faced off with Michigan State in the third round. The Spartans were playing without their entire starting five due to a suspicious food poisoning incident originating in an Indianapolis restaurant co-owned by Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard (there is no truth to the rumor that their waiter was Mike Griffin - however, Demetrious Calip does work as a bartender in the same restaurant). The Wolverines' balanced attack was led by DeShawn Sims' 18 points, on their way to a surprisingly easy 68-58 victory. In the tournament final, the red-hot Wolverines faced the Indiana Hoosiers, who were on a hot streak of their own that started when they suspended habitual rule-breaking head coach Kelvin Sampson. Indiana played their last five games of the season with no coaching staff. Team practices (all closed to the media) were run by the players (there is no truth to the rumor that Bob Knight was involved in running practices, although a red sweater and a bullwhip were found in the locker room following their last regular season game). The Hoosiers jumped out to a quick lead, led by freshman sensation Eric Gordon, and were in front by ten at the half. However, at halftime a crazed Illinois fan, still bitter that his team was spurned by Gordon, jumped out from the crowd as the teams were leaving the court and gave Gordon the "Nancy Kerrigan treatment." His knee was severely bruised, and he was unable to play in the second half. The Wolverines went in a 15-2 run to start the second half, and the stunned Hoosiers never recovered. Michigan walked away with a 75-70 win, and with the Big Ten Tournament victory, Michigan qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1999.

It's possible, right? Right? Anyone?


Taxman said...

anything is possible Assman but that would be some kind of miraculous run. a 3 game winning streak is something that didn't even seem possible 6-8 weeks ago. 4 conference wins seemed like a stretch too and they just got their 4th.

Good to see Coach B has them improving - look at the opposing coach postgame comments about the Wolverines - they are always extremely complimentary. Thad Matta called them the best 7 win team he had ever seen - maybe an overstatement but they always do mention how well they are coached.

It looks like a brutal nonconference schedule along with the tougher part of the conference schedule happening early made this team seem worse than maybe they were and also has prepared us for a good stretch run - look at the last 5 games they play. With the exception of the season finale against Purdue, they play at Minnesota, Illinois, NW and at Penn St. Those are all potential wins as they are the 4 other teams joining us at the bottom of the standings. Now I don't think we'll win all 4 (that would be a 7 game winning streak if it happened) but at least a split and maybe 3-2 in the final five games would give us a 7-11 conference record after starting 1-9. Sims and Harris look like the real deal and the NIT (i.e., a winning record) is a good goal for next year.

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

When are you roundballcentric cretins gonna start writing about the real sports team at Michigan - the mens' hockey time?

Assman said...

Anyone want to tackle some M Hockey? None of us are A2 residents, so I'm not sure what expertise resides here. Anyone?