Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Training Irony

Listen *sniff sniff* - do you smell somethin'? Well, I do. It's the smell of irony. Utilityman Scott Spiezio was released by the St. Louis Cardinals because of a misdemeanor drunk driving/assault incident that happened in southern California in December. What makes this fall under the category of "irony" is this quote from Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa:

"I think it's a consistent message about what the team represents."

But LaRussa himself was arrested during spring training in March of last year, after being found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle at a stoplight in Florida. What LaRussa obviously meant to say was:

"I think it's a new message that the team just came up with about what the team represents."


"Thank god the message about what the team represents did not apply last year at this time. Otherwise, I'd be working in a carwash right now."


"Since we had a drunk player crash his car and die last year, we have decided to release any player who is accused of committing a misdemeanor."

I'm not a Scott Spiezio fan. In fact, as far as I know, he's be a total douche. I just have a problem with management having a different set of rules for themselves than they have for their employees. Unless LaRussa's quote was intended to be in jest and he appreciates the irony, he's a clueless dolt.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you're not a proponent of the "some pigs are more equal than others" philosophy. I guess, then, you have no problem with taxpayers bailing out the idiots who took out subprime loans to pay for houses that they couldn't/shouldn't have bought? Where's the bonus for those of us who continue to make timely payments on our mortgages?

Assman said...

I'm not sure I see the analogy between "employees and management should follow the same rules" and "people who take out inadvisable loans should be bailed out by those who didn't." People who took out subprime loans, as well as the banks who allowed it, should be responsible for their own stupidity. Interesting how a baseball post has turned toward a discussion of bad loans. They do have one thing in common though - people doing dumb things.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Spezio missed part of last season because of drug/alchohol problems then professed he was clean and lied about this incident to the team in a meeting a few weeks ago might have something to do with it. Spezio recieved the same treatment as Larussa then screwed up again. If Larussa gets another DUI and doesnt get fired re-post this at that time.

Brakeman said...

When Tony the Tiger and two faced team from St. Louise sign Barry Bonds the irony will be even more unbearable. It would seem fitting that the team that benefited the most from the steroid era in the season of Maguire and Sammy should also employ Bonds as his body breaks down in the final year of his "flack seed oil"tainted career. How could LaRussa look in the mirror in the morning after that comment. Unbelievable. My new favorite team to ignore.