Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Death and Tiger Woods

Death and Tiger Woods. That appears to be the focus of this blog if you look at the couple weeks. Each of the last six posts on this site have dealt with one of those two topics. Why am I obsessed with death and Tiger Woods? It's kinda depressing.

The Tiger Woods part I can see. I think Tiger is pretty cool. He's got a great job, a hot wife, and all the money he'll ever need. Writing about Tiger Woods is understandable and excusable, especially considering his amazing US Open victory. However, the death posts are harder to understand. Part of the reason for this is that sometimes when I'm looking for blog post ideas, I'll peruse "this day in history" sites and sometimes the most interesting stuff is about death (OJ, Rod Beck, Vince Welnick, etc.). And Carlin just died, so I had to write a brief tribute to him. Anyway, those are just excuses for my recent tendencies (as the saying goes - excuses are like assholes...). Now, since the eleven readers of this blog are not exactly in a position to psychoanalyze me, I will try to do it myself. Why am I writing about death? Let's look at the possibilities:

I have a deadly disease or someone close to me just died
I feel fine and no family members have died recently - but I do have a bit of a cold that's been hanging on by a thread for the last two weeks or so. Perhaps a doctor visit is in order. If someone in my family dies in the next couple weeks, perhaps these death posts are a premonition (cue the Twilight Zone music).

Football season approaches
This is an interesting one. While I consciously have a great deal of optimism about the upcoming season and the start of the RichRod era at Michigan, perhaps subconsciously I am dreading the possible results. Who's gonna play QB? Will the leftovers from the Lloyd regime fit in with the new style? Will the Barwis training methods kill some players before the season starts? Why can't we park in the Grey Lot anymore?

Tiger Woods knee injury
Could it be that death and Tiger Woods are related in my mind? His US Open victory was no doubt inspiring, but maybe the news that he's shutting it down for the rest of the year is like a death in my mind. No more Tiger news for the rest of the year? I may have to do some work around the house on weekends now. Epic tragedy.

Sports news lull
Basketball season is over. Hockey season is over. Tiger is down for the year. Baseball season is mired in the "dog days" of an extremely long season. The Triple Crown went unclaimed yet again. Until the Olympics start and football season starts, the sports landscape looks kinda bleak.

Lack of creative ideas
When I can't think of anything on my own, the "this day in history" posts are a bit of a crutch, and I've probably been overusing those recently.

Busier at work
Don't get me wrong - I like being busy at work. But when I'm busy thinking about mundane engineering stuff, my creative juices are not overflowing.

Realization of my own mortality
Yikes. This is mid-life crisis stuff. I don't think I'm there yet.

While this is not exactly earth-shatteringly disturbing or anything, I would like to get back to posting funny stuff again as soon as I find some inspiration. I am confident that since the Olympics and football season are approaching, I'll find something fun and interesting to write about. But for all or some of the above reasons, I am in a bit of a down cycle. Not to worry though. I feel a Summer Olympics post gurgling up inside me. Or maybe that's just the breakfast burrito I just ate.

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