Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods - US Open Champ

So, Tiger pulled it out on the first sudden death playoff hole to finally put Rocco Mediate away on the 91st hole of the US Open. One thing's for sure - Rocco has certainly found himself some new fans. He fought all the way and gave Tiger all he could handle. But twice in this US Open he made putts on the final hole when he had to - on the 18th on Sunday to get into a playoff, and on the 18th today to send it to sudden death. Amazing.

I'd say Tiger is playing pretty well the last couple years. Since he missed the cut in the 2006 US Open in his first tournament after the death of his father, he has been on a tear. In the last eight majors since then, he has gone 1-1-T2-T2-T12-1-2-1. Four wins and three second place finishes in eight tries. During that same period (about two years) he has won a total of 17 tournaments. The dude can play - even with an injured knee.

My hat's off to you, Tiger. It's good to be the king...


Brandman said...


What other athlete and company would record, let alone air and continue to run such an audacious ad like the one about Tiger's mental toughness with that posthumous quote from his father?

Funny thing is, we all know he's going to win, so Nike wins and everyone yawns.

Think about it. If ANY other athlete has an ad campaign come out that makes such bold statements as that one, they get crucified. Tiger? Everyone just accepts his greatness and moves on.

I don't believe anyone ever in sports has done what he has done and risen to the level he has risen where the near impossible is expected every day and the athlete just continues to live up to it. Amazing indeed.

Assman said...

It always comes back to advertising with you, doesn't it? Gee, I wonder what you do for a living...