Monday, April 28, 2008

NFL Draft

Can it get any worse for a Michigan fan from Buffalo? All fine and good that Jake Long goes to the Phins #1 overall. A tackle can have a great pro-bowl caliber career while the team he plays for is good to mediocre or worse - we like when Miami is mediocre or worse up here in the Buff. However, quarterbacks are evaluated by wins - almost period. If the team isn't winning games, then QB is not going to be a long term starter. So when I heard Chad Henne went to Miami as well, it was terribly disappointing. I really wanted to see Henne do well in the NFL because I think he is good, took alot hell from Michigan fans for going 1-7 vs. Ohio State and bowl games, and he seems like a good kid. Unfortunately, two worlds collide here as Henne's success is a function of the Dolphins success. To make it even worse, If Henne and the Dolphins are successful, that elevates Bill Parcells even more, which is also a relatively vile thought.

I love seeing Mike Hart going to Indy. Seems perfect for Bill Polian to take this kind of character player, and I hope it works for all involved. I don't think Hart can ever be a feature back in the NFL, but I certainly thing he can contribute. I hope Mike Hart continues to prove people wrong.

Likewise, I like seeing Crable going to the Pats. Great organization that a guy like Crable will have as good a chance as any to be able to flourish in. All the 'extra' information the coaches can pass on to the players always helps!

Michigan obviously could have really used Mannigham and Arrington this coming year, and it looks as though could have used Micihgan as much. I think Mario is a very good college WR, but don't think he has the measurables and attitude (the attitude is mostly speculative) to be that good in the NFL. What was interesting to me is that he really only 10-12 very good to great games for Michigan over three years interupted with some nagging type injuries. To me that does not define a great player, but let's see what he does. Arrington on the other hand has no bussiness leaving a year with the projected drft position, let alone where he landed. Of course the coaching change had some impact on his descision, but he really could have used another year.

Go Blue!

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Taxman said...

and now with the 2008 Dolphins-Bills game scheduled in Toronto, you don't even get to see the M boys in person wearing the turquoise and orange.