Monday, April 14, 2008

Politics and Christianity

I suppose political posts might get more frequent as we get closer to the November election, but the latest ploy by the Democrats has me a bit perturbed.

Clinton, Obama put politics aside to discuss faith

It appears the the Democrats are trying to steal some of the Republicans supposed stronghold on Christian voters. Why does religion have to enter into the world of politics? Should it matter to voters whether or not candidates are Christian or Mormon or Hindu or Jewish or Muslim (well, strike that last one - for obvious reasons, there's no way a Muslim will get elected president any time soon)? If it does, then why? Personally, I don't want my president making important national security decisions based on religious faith. I want decisions based on facts, science, expert consensus, and what is best for the country. Religious or not, I don't want a President who goes off half-cocked with half-baked ideas about half-truths put forth by half-wits (remind you of anyone that's currently in office?). I want a President who makes fully informed decisions with the help of competent people who give him good information about real problems. I don't care what god or gods they pray to (or do not pray to). I'll take a sane atheist or pagan any day over a zealous Christian fundamentalist.

Anyway, it seems to me that the Democrats are needlessly pandering to people who think religion should enter into their thought process when they enter the voting booth. Obama and Clinton seem to be playing a game of "Who Loves Jesus More?" Maybe I'm naive about this, but I think the vast majority of people are able to set that aside when they vote for President. Just stick to the issues, and leave the Christian grandstanding to the Republicans. They're better at it anyway.

Let me hear it - do you make your Presidential choice based on religion?

*By the way, I certainly don't speak for all of the people associated with this blog. I expect to hear some dissenting opinion from those guys. We are politically and religiously diverse, and any disagreement you have with my opinion is purely with me, The Assman. I am the Assman, and I approved this message.

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Brandman said...

Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

In some way, it is totally backwards to talk about your religious beliefs when running for public office, I think.

Our current president is religious, but that doesn't change his values that led him to condone torture for war criminals and appoint a bozo to FEMA and ignore the plight of tens of thousands in New Orleans after Katrina...I could go on...